Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery

Verso Energy’s proprietary adaptation process can be used on virtually any organic substrate, and work has commenced to develop microbial consortia tailored for crude oil.

Creating specific consortia tailored for the high temperatures, pressure and salinities of oil wells, allows for tertiary microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR).  Using water flood wells, batches of adapted microbes are injected into the mixed (water/oil) zone of the reservoir.  Two biological mechanisms act in tandem to enhance oil recovery:

·        Biogas produced from bioconversion of oil creates pressure drive

·        Enzymes produced during the bioconversion process act as a solvent to reduce viscosity 



Gas recovered with produced oil can be separated and used to power the process, so the costs can be reduced.

The cost to batch nutrient media and microbes is very low and may represent a viable alternative to ASP/ SP flooding.