Introduction to the Verso Energy Pilot

Verso Energy is an Australian company developing a unique approach to gas production to bridge the gap between conventional fuels and renewable energy.  Verso Energy’s multi-stage coal conversion technology converts coal into gas utilising naturally occurring microorganisms which break coal down into soluble forms of carbon, and ultimately into methane. 

Verso Energy has recognised that whilst there is an increasing demand for gas supplies world-wide, many of the methods used to mine gas have negative environmental and social impacts.  Whilst the aim of our multi-stage digestion technology is to create gas, it is a completely different process to most forms of conventional and unconventional gas production. 

Our technology aims to create gas in a way that avoids the impacts which have become associated with unconventional gas production methods such as CSG, in particular:

·         No fracking

·         No application of harmful chemicals to aquifers or coal seams

·         No depletion of groundwater levels

·         No burning or underground gasification of coal

Verso Energy has spent 5 years developing this new technology which is safe for groundwater, eliminates the risk of unwanted gas emissions, and can be applied selectively to improve the coexistence of industry and agriculture.

The purpose of the R&D test is to demonstrate the concept and obtain data to help determine future potential in Victorian brown coal.  There is a strong emphasis on demonstrating environmental performance.