Verso Energy believes that the pathway to renewables needs to include better options to assist fossil energy producers with the transition. 

We are using natural biological methods to turn coal resources into high value gas reserves.  This allows investments in coal resources to be realised through an alternative pathway that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the geographic impact of new mines and CSG/CBM fields.

Verso Energy was established in 2010 by Australia’s Mitchell Group, for the purposes of developing a commercially viable low impact solution for the challenges of the coal and CSG sectors.  We have integrated existing technologies, our own subsurface expertise, and a privately funded research and development program to create a simple and cost effective gas production technology. 

Our CSG/CBM pre-treatment and restoration systems integrate seamlessly with existing brownfield operations, allowing for a low incremental cost for gas production. 

Verso Energy is advancing additional technology streams including multi-stage digestion methods for low rank coal, microbial enhanced oil recovery, and waste to energy.